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The Simmons Personal Survey, with its 57 performance indicators, accurately measures the key traits needed for job success.  If an employee is successful, it is because of these traits.

We will prove it to you in this brief exercise. 

1. Think of the best employee you have known.  2.  Recall their name and how they performed.  3. Now look below at what we measure.  Identify the level of each trait they had.  

1. tired, inactive | energy, stamina, health | hyperactive

2. calm | normal stress | emotional issues that lower performance  

3. faultfinding, critical | positive & cheerful | naive

4. self-critical | self-esteem, accepts feedback | prideful, defensive

5. absenteeism, slow pace | come to work, stay on task, fast pace, sufficient hours | work driven

6. error/accident prone | attention to detail & quality | perfectionist  

7.  needs routines, avoids change | handles change, creative | impractical change  

8. needs safety & comfort | faces physical discomfort, brave | takes high risk

9. indecisive | makes decisions | controlling

10. avoids conflict, compliant | leads, assertive, sells | bossy

11. angers easy | tolerance/patience | holds in anger

12. selfish, dishonest | honest, helpful | sacrifices

13. withdrawn | works with others | talkative, sociable | verbose   

Result:  You found what you liked about them and what made them successful. These are the success traits that you want to measure.  We accurately measure these and can help you find the successful employees, increasing productivity, sales, & profits.

One more exercise:

1. Think of the worst employee you have known, someone who had to be fired.  2. Recall their name and how they performed.  3. Now look above at what we measure.  Identify the level of each trait they had.  

Result:  You found what you disliked about them and exactly what made them fail. These are the failure traits that you want to avoid.  We accurately measure these traits and can help you avoid unsuccessful employees, dramatically decreasing employee turnover, absenteeism, labor disputes, materials waste or damage, theft, and lost customers.

If you are in charge of hiring at a company or if you are a business consultant who helps with company hires, we offer you a free online testing session and a full (complete) report, free of charge.  No risk, no obligation.  Just click the blue button to get started.  

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Reduces employee turnover by an average of 78.5%

The test is given on our web page, is easy to do, and takes approximately 30 minutes.

It can be taken on any type of computer (both PC and Apple), touchpad, or smartphone, using any internet browser.


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The person's traits are compared to one of our 31 validated job norms or to a customized norm. This allows you to accurately predict job performance in any job, making the Survey an excellent tool for hiring, placement, management, personal development, training needs assessment, and outplacement.

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